Finding Your Best Expression

Only ~7% of communication consists of words. Leave the other 93% to us. Be it your next event, presentation, or speech project. You only have one chance to strike an impression, so let’s make it an impressive one!

Professional MCs

Under the leadership of MC Melody, our diverse team is able to flourish in this industry. Presenting our best sides to tell the world about our clients’ stories

Voice Over Artists

Everyone needs a voice to attach to a character.  Our team is ready to add any character to your next motion picture, adding the life it needs to come alive.

Writing / Translation

Besides the vocal part of storytelling, we are here to help you draft and refine the exact words that are needed to paint the perfect mental picture for your audience.

Public Speaking Coaching Services

Be it you have the confidence or not, we are equipped to help you every step of the way to build your skills and confidence, so that you not only deliver, but impress everyone around you.

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Lifestyle Coaching

Now learned how to say it, what about adding that icing to the cake by giving it more character…add a twist to it and stand out from the rest!

Trusted Reputation

Nothing says more than high-caliber world class clients who are willing to come back again and again. We choose to work with only the best of the best.

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A Suitable Persona

An event MC is no different than a brand spokesperson. Think of them as the face of your company, the person who shakes your clients’ hands.


Commercials? Corporate Videos? Slogans? Jingles? Scripts? We’ve got you covered!

Content Writing

We will help you gather your thoughts and have your message perfectly written.

Say it Yourself

We aim to improve your next speech/presentation with our customized and easy to learn training sessions.

Lifestyle Coaching

Learn about the soft skills. Especially if you want to give your presentations more character.

Translation Services

Let’s face it. Google Translate just doesn’t cut it. Come to us and we’ll make sure your work is properly translated.


hy do our clients want to work with us? In our line of work, we all know the undeniable fact that everyone gets what they paid for. Here are just (a few of) the reasons why our clients keep coming back for more, based on our surveys over the past decade.

Reliability, Professionalist & Ease of Mind 0 %

Stage Management & Audience Engagement 0 %

Brand Knowledgability & Story Telling 0 %

Stage Presence & Charm 0 %

Some Fun Facts

As the saying goes- Each minute on stage is a year off stage.

Here are some of our achievements.


Prep Hours


On Set Hours


Amazing Projects


Happy Clients

Our Signature Works

There is no way for use to show you everything that we have done on one page. Come in and see the rest for yourself.

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Are you equipped to work with our team?

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