Types of Coaching/ Training/ Mentorship

Coaching and mentorship are available for both corporate and individual clients.

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Gain (Public) Speaking Confidence

Unless we live in a bubble composed of only selves all our lives.  At some point we will have to talk to someone.  This is suitable for those who feel like “they don’t know what to say” when:

  • dealing with others in a social, networking, or professional setting;
  • they simply need to gain a bit more confidence to prepare themselves to be considered for a potential promotion, to open up themselves for future presentation or roadshow at work

Public Speaking Styles & Techniques

This is for individuals who are already somewhat comfortable with talking in front of others, and is ready to take it up to the next level by:

  • preparing themselves for their upcoming presentation/ speech at work;
  • getting ready for  a wedding proposal to that special someone;
  • polishing up their existing public speaking skills by seeking betterment and finesse.

Social/ Life Skills + Etiquette

For those of us who do not have the need to present to a crowd, we still need to see other people on a day to day basis.  What kind of impression are you giving off?  Are you sending the right messages?  Are they even received?  And are you doing it properly?  These skills are especially useful for domains such as:

  • professional/ personal networking;
  • enhancing your interviewing skills;
  • improving interpersonal skills.