“Queen of Improv”: MC Melody


    • One of the most talented multilingual host and trainer in Hong Kong.
    • Began her speaking career in 2008 in Taiwan, then recruited in Hong Kong, spending the last 6 years in Hong Kong as a public speaker, including:
      • Professional MC;
      • Motivational/ inspirational speaker;
      • Corporate public speaking trainer;
      • Public speaking instruction for the continue education program;
      • Personal life & social skills mentor;
      • Certified life coach.

Fun Facts:

  • Current: Full time MC for events in Hong Kong ranging from Manchester United footballer interview,  government events with top governement officials, to setting the world record for the Pink Ribbon campaign for breast cancer awareness.  Official commentator for the Hong Kong Jockey Club official broadcast.
  • Previously: Her career began with being a voice over artist for English education materials overseas at LiveABC, eventually moving onto being a TV host, and then full time MC-ing and commenting on horse racing for iCable.
  • Students come to her to improve their confidence and skills and anything related to public speaking.

Quick Round:

Q: When did you decide to have public speaker as your career?

A: It was by accident, I grow up dreading and avoiding public speaking.  This concept never crossed my mind.

Q: What was the turning point?

A: I was given the choice of being jobless (after University) or take a leap and try what I feared most, as an alternative to a job I was originally applying for.

Q: How does that experience shape how you are today, as a public speaker?

A: It inspired me to motivate and inspire others to conquer that one thing that held (a lot) of us back–  Talking in front of a bunch of people.

Q: What other speeches do you give?

A: Inspirational speeches to encourage people to work for themselves, be it freelancing or owning a business.

Q: Where did you last share this story on print?

A: Marie Claire in Hong Kong in 2017

Q: Where will we see more of this?

A: (Coming soon) Hong Kong Tatler Generation T.  Stay tuned!