Who are these sessions for?

Anyone who feels the need to better themselves for self-improvement, career advancement, or simply because some issues are harder to address with friends and family.

What can I expect from private coaching?

Guidance and motivation from “a trusted professional friend”.  You can expect a comfortable and safe environment where confidentiality is guaranteed.

This is especially useful for individuals who are less comfortable in group settings or simply want some privacy in their learning journey.

Why Coaching?

We believe it is important to walk the walk and talk the talk.  Though we may not need someone to “kiss us all better”, it is important that our coaches feel our pain in our transformation.

Our coach started with a lot less than us.  She had a fear of talking to more than a few friends at the same time, and have spent her childhood and teenage years avoiding situations.  Today she has flourished as a successful public figure who not only speaks public for a living,  she combines her background in Psychology sharing her success stories helping many transform their lives with her motivation and enlightenment.

What is expected of me?

Willingness to discover/ acknowledge areas of needs, being persistent, and honestly with yourself and your coach.  It is essential not to expect overnight miracles, but instead treat the process as a learning journey for self-betterment.

Are there small group classes?

Yes.  Depending on the students’ needs and confidentiality of topics covered, we offer small classes to group students with similar needs all in one class.

How long are the classes?

Because each class is catered to you only.  Most classes are kept around 1-1.5 hours to avoid information overload.

When are the classes?

Understanding we all have busy schedules, classes are pre-agreed to make it as doable as possible.

Where are the classes?

Generally, the classes are conducted in a local coffee/ tea shop of choice for private students.  Think of it as a get together with a close friend, from our experience this setting works great for our students.  For corporate clients, the classes are conducted in your offices’ meeting rooms.

Is there a set curriculum?

We provide a general guideline for each coaching area.  However, depending on our students’ specific needs, we cater the content to address their unique needs for maximum benefits.

Are the classes expensive?

If you can afford to visit the barista for a coffee every day, you can afford your classes here.  Not to mention that the effects of the class last a lifetime, as opposed to the few hours of the caffeine high.

How many classes do we typically need?

It would be a lie to say there will be an overnight success or a magic pill to most (if not all) of our shortcomings.   Students generally start with 1-2 classes per week and eventually move on to 1-2 touch-up sessions a month after their foundation and habits are set.

Do you offer crash courses?

Yes, especially for those students with a specific goal or target to meet by a certain deadline.

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